The Executive Chairman Dr James Vibbi and the key technical team of PMB on the 21st of April 2022 held a meeting with Welthungerhilfe (WHH ) on the Stenophylla coffee and farm, and Farmer data.

The meeting was held at the WHH office, Frazer Street, Off Wilkinson Road, Freetown.

The purpose of the meeting was to have a discussion with WHH on the Stenophylla coffee seedlings at the WHH compound in Kenema –  its management, out planting, monitoring and the growth and expansion of the seedlings.

The Executive Chairman Dr James Vibbi acknowledged the contributions of WHH in the development of the 3 value chains. He disclosed that government is seriously concerned about the development of the Stenophylla coffee because of its economic viability.

Dr Vibbi said Stenophylla coffee is beyond continental understanding and implores WHH to take the lead in ensuring the commercially viable crop build up the country’s economy.

The Director PMB,  Didan Sankoh gave a brief background on the development of the Stenophylla seedlings at WHH. He said after PMB has found traces of coffee varieties, the institution engaged the Ministry of Agriculture on the sustainability of the Stenophylla coffee in Sierra Leone.

The Director said the PMB is concerned about the development of the seedlings and doesn’t want it to go bad. He said it is good that the sites identified should not be too far from the other districts to ensure effective monitoring by PMB technical staff. He added that as a pilot project, both parties should ensure the progress of Stenophylla Coffee.

The new Country Director  Stefano Temporin appreciated PMB for working in partnership with WHH in the promotion of the 3 value chains, Cocoa, Coffee and Cashew in the produce sector. He said WHH is open to working with PMB through all the stages in the development of the Stenophylla coffee.

Among the key issues discussed were as follows:

The 1, 400 seedlings should be at a central point that can be easily accessible to PMB and researchers.-

Three farmers per district in the Eastern province to start cultivation of the 1st generation – This may lead to multiplication by SmallHolder farmers in the country.

– There is little information on the agronomic practices of the crop.

– What will be the responsibility of WHH for farmers to effectively monitor the seedlings?

-Technical team to be collecting data on growth  and other parameters

– Identification of future analysis of the Stenophylla coffee eg: lobbying private investors in the multiplication process.

– Joint meeting with PMB and MAF on the processes and procedures

– Having a maiden list of all technical players to be involved

– PMB and MAF to have a core technical team and provide training

-WHH to take Stenophylla coffee as a special project and find strategies to generate funding.

– Mapping out parent trees in the wild (using modern technology eg; the media) for more propagation materials.

–  Production- September and October trial cultivation should be done on hills and lowlands.

– WHH is working on data of farmers in the produce sector.

– PMB to host the joint workshop and propose a date.

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Media and Public Relations Officer

Judith Sannah

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