Extension Services

One of the main areas covered by the inspectorate unit is the provision of extension services to farmers in the bid to induce them to concentrate on high yield productivity, quality assurance, and new market search. These areas include;

  • Formation of Farmer Cooperatives
  • The provision of food for work
  • Soft Loan schemes or cost recovery Loans
  • Nursery and seedling distribution
  • Pest and decreases control
  • Training

Farmers Cooperatives are organized membership of producers wishing to take advantage of group work, unlike individual. These farmers obtain seeds from the PMB and make larger plantations for a possible increase in yield. PMB is insisting on dealing with cooperatives than.

Food for work is an expression – support given to farmers to improve the quality of production. This is an intervention from the PMB against the unfair loans produce buyers grant to the farmer during the preseason. Farm owners or pilot farmers receive a specified quantity of foodstuffs from the PMB to induce them to accomplish their farming activities for that season. It may include under brushing, replanting of seedlings, application of pesticides or disease control and processing.

Loan Schemes are also similar to food for work where farmers granted cost recovery loans for their farming activities.

Nursery and seedling distribution: The PMB have nursery sites around the country and distribute seedlings from those farms to farmers (normally 2000 seeds per cooperative).

Pest and decreases control: The quality control staff are tasked with the duty to assist farmers to identify pests and diseases and help them upgrade their farming methods to mitigate the malaise.

Training programmes are ongoing covering a variety of farming activities including

  • Outreach
  • Visitations
  • Radio discussions
  • Operational and Market Research
  • New farming techniques