The Produce Monitoring Board (PMB) is a regulatory institution. PMB’s main focus and consideration is the quality control function involving assurance of produce standardization, the export of high-quality produce and enforcement of regulations in the produce sector. In its schemes, PMB shall not engage in direct production, purchase, and marketing of produce. Hence, its marketing and production functions are of relatively lesser focus. It is logical; therefore, that PMB operates a lean organization designed with provision for the essential institutional framework that will promote effective execution of the core function of quality assurance. The Government decided to transform the Commodity Market Monitoring Unit (CMMU) into a semi-autonomous Produce Monitoring Board (PMB). The Board does not deal directly in commodity trade but has an expanded mandate under the enabling Parliamentary Act, 2013 to:

  1. Develop regulations and policies to monitor and regulate the produce sector and facilitate the implementation of the policies and regulations as determined.
  2. Undertake periodic review of existing rules and regulations on the quality of produce in consonance with international best practices.
  3. Formulate and facilitate policies geared towards the sustainable diversification of agricultural produce.
  4. Ensure the production and export of high quality produce;
  5. Facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for cost-effective processing and marketing of produce.

For poverty reduction and improved welfare among the broad mass of the farming population, the Board monitors compliance with the indicative producer price and determine by the Produce Review Committee (PPRC).