Sierra Leone as a member of the International Cocoa organization (ICCO), the umbrella organization responsible for regulating the world’s cocoa value chain, has been attending its conferences and taking active part in deliberations geared towards improving cocoa productivity in low cocoa producing countries. It is as a result of one of the outcomes of its summits that the ICCO recognized the fact that cocoa sector stakeholders, especially small holder farmers in cocoa producing countries need to be aware of the intricacies and the mechanism involved in setting the world price for their produce.

The aim of the awareness raising workshop was to introduce stakeholders in the produce sector to the mitigating strategies and the negative impacts of price volatility and to sensitize them on the benefits of PRM in bringing them the befitting revenue commensurate to their yields.

Many times, researches in some producing countries have it that the revenue from the yields of farmers is depleted by the middlemen at the upper level of the value chain, more so because of price volatility and the lack of knowledge on the part of farmers, Producer Organizations (POs) and cooperatives on market dynamics and PRM strategies.

The PRM project was scheduled to take place in four (4) phases; Situation analysis-survey,  Awareness raising workshop for all members of the value chain in the cocoa sector of Sierra Leone, Capacity building of core team-training of trainers, and  National capacity building (rollout training) among producer organizations and farmers in major cocoa producing districts in the country.

The PRM awareness raising workshop hosted by the PMB was funded by the ICCO and the CFC.  The workshop was facilitated by TWIN Consultancy. The program was well attended with close to 40 participants including exporters, farmers, cooperative leaders, producer organization leaders, commodity association leaders from all major cocoa producing districts, and the media.