The Produce Monitoring Board is a new institution established by government in 2013 to regulate and monitor the production, processing and marketing of high quality produce in Sierra Leone. The institutional mandate of the PMB requires it to plan design redesign, structure, restructure and organize itself in order to positively impact on the challenges ahead in the transformation of the produce sector. It was therefore pertinent that goals developed be extended to those who are the actual quality control officers (Produce Inspectors and Monitors) in the produce industry.

The capacity building exercise on the Policies and Procedural Manual for Produce Inspectors (PIs) and Produce Monitors (PMs) was sanctioned by the Executive Director of the PMB as a result of the decision taken in the third quarter 2nd   Top Management meeting.

The study covered the following:

  • an examination of the institutional policies and procedures
  • an analysis of monitoring and evaluation (intelligence gathering, investigation, surveillance, profiling, smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing)
  • duties of a monitor and an examiner
  • Outreach
  • Report writing

The full program was delivered in classroom lectures by six facilitators drawn from the Sierra Leone Police, Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH) and senior staff of the PMB. During the first three days participants (Quality Control Officers) were given the privilege to go through audio visual teaching techniques by the use of power point presentations using a projector. This was accompanied by leaflets and intervals for contributions and discussions.

The fourth and fifth days were set for review of Activities 1 and the teaching, demonstration and evaluation of participants’ in-depth knowledge of what was thought.

Specimens of different Forms, Certificates and Licenses for all stakeholders within the value chain were displayed for them to see and make meaningful contributions before it could be sent for formal print out.

On the fifth day of the training a cross section of the Produce exporters within the regions were invited for few discussions base on their business relationship with the other players. They had a fruitful discussion with the team of facilitators as most of their concerns were put to the table.

They were admonished on various issues and also given the privilege to have a glance at the forms, certificates and licenses they will have to acquire that would equip them in dealing with the policies and procedures of the PMB.

The day ended with the award of Certificates of participation to the participants.

The training workshop was very successful as participants (PIs and PMs) now know their bearings and direction to take in dealing with the farmers, Exporters and Agents in the produce business. They were able to learn about their new assignments, and each of them was assigned to specific work station.


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